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This story begins when two sisters (Ester Pacheco and Noris Cruz) arrive in New York, after having migrated from El Salvador. It all begins in the year 1990 when, after a labor crisis, one of them comes up with the idea of ​​making artisanal cheeses as they used to do in their country and thus owning their own business. All this arose with the idea of ​​bringing traditional Central American flavors to the United States, and thus making the Hispanic community feel closer to its traditions.

Noris and Ester started their production with 7 gallons of milk and today more than 100,000 gallons of milk a week are used in the production plant. One of them was in charge of the production of curd and homemade plantain empanadas and the other sister was in charge of going out to sell them from door to door. Their products were so popular that the business began to grow and two more people joined the business. (Gumercindo Cruz and Vicente Sirias) 

They began to expand and new distribution opportunities were opened in the few Hispanic warehouses that were in the area at that time, the products were carried in a Van with portable refrigerators to maintain the quality of the product. Today the van is kept as a souvenir in the parking lot of the production plant.

By 1993 they had moved to a small production facility and acquired a pasteurizer but most of the process was still manual. 

At first it was not easy since there was little Hispanic population in New York, but this was one of the reasons that prompted them to take the risk of looking for new markets in other states, traveling long distances by truck and with a cooler full of products always at hand. of Quesos la Ricura. Over time, little by little, they began to acquire more trucks to distribute, achieving that today La Ricura products can be found throughout the United States.

In 2001 there were already 40 employees working in the plant and the business was growing non-stop, therefore they decided to take a loan from the bank to buy a production plant only with faith in God and the certainty that their business was going to expand and to be a complete success. Today it is the production facility that operates in Hicksville, along with another in Farmingdale and a warehouse that functions as a distribution center in Brentwood with a total of over 400 employees. Today the company has fully advanced machinery and first-class facilities, the production process is excellent and quality control is of a superior level.

The four founders and owners of the factory agree that the growth that the company has had is due to the blessing that God has given them and their fidelity to Him.

Tithes and offerings are the tools that have given the company economic strength, as Ester Pacheco affirms, "God has tested us to know how much He can give us." “We not only give the Lord the tithe he asks for and that is His, but we give him more. One day I told him "Lord, try me", give me the blessings that You want and you will see that it does not hurt me to give the tithe", and the Lord overflowed his blessings like a great river because this company does not stop growing and growing and this is a great satisfaction.

 This was Ester Pacheco's request to God after fulfilling her dream of coming to the United States from her native El Salvador.

DESDE 1990 Compartimos el desayuno contigo, hacemos divertido el tiempo en familia alrededor de la mesa, te damos la Ricura para seguir adelante, y día a día, alimentamos tus sueños. Nuestra tradición es llenar con mucha Ricura a tu familia, disfrutar el delicioso SABOR que producimos con todo el amor de la familia Quesos la Ricura. Crecer juntos es lo más nutritivo que nos ha podido pasar y para que la vida siga teniendo una gran Ricura, son 32 años conservando tu tradición.